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Superfoods for kidz – vital veggie powder

Hannah is a really fussy eater. She won’t eat meat and half the time she won’t eat vegetables either. Sometimes she scarfs them down, others she won’t touch them. I don’t want her to be malnourished, so just to be safe, I bought some Superfoods for Kidz Vital Veggie Powder.

I was pretty sceptical of her actually drinking it in her juice, but she loved it. I use half the amount the jar says because she does eat vegetables sometimes.  I fill her little juice bottle with a lid half with water, add the veggie powder (I use a funnel to make it easier), and shake. The powder doesn’t really stir in well at all, but it will mix in if you shake it instead. Next I add some juice (apple, grape, whatever I have on hand), shake again, and it’s ready to go. If you give toddlers juice, diluted is best.

You can use the veggie powder in cooking, but I never have. Too much effort I think, when I can just stick it in her “juice in the morning” (as she calls it).


-No added sugar (which is a serious problem for a lot of products these days!)

-You know your child is getting nutrients

-There is nothing artificial, just fruit and veg powder

-3 grams of powder = 21 grams of the fresh ingredients

-Easy to use

-Lasts a long time (if using 1tsp per day, there are 100 serves in a jar, so it lasts over 3 months)

-Relatively inexpensive at 40 cents per serve (when using 1tsp per day)


-I couldn’t find how many servings of fruit and veg are in each teaspoon of powder. It would be nice if it told us “5 serving of vegetables” or something like that (note I made that number up for illustration purposes, I have no idea how many servings are in each teaspoon)

-You may get complacent, knowing your child is getting nutrients from the powder and then stop actually offering them vegetables on their plate.

-Separates from juice if not drunk straight away

*Note, I did not receive any money, or product for this review. I buy Vital Veggie Powder because I like it and I use it every day (well, I give it to Hannah).


4 Responses to Superfoods for kidz – vital veggie powder

  1. i am certainly going to bookmark this page in case i need your help in the future. thsnks

  2. i love your blog, don’t find many that are so clear, it is nice to see that someone really understands.

  3. [...] it in there to give the muffins an extra nutritional boost. You can read my review of the powder here (full of vitamins and minerals as it’s freeze dried vegetable powder) -3/4 cup unsweetened [...]

  4. I found this ratio on a nutritional breakdown site – Vital Veggie Power = 4 Veg, 1 fruit, 4 Super Foods, 1 Fibre!
    But yes it would be good to get vitamin, mineral etc breakdown : )

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