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When my husband crashed the car (which you can read about here), our insurance company rented a car for us for two weeks. The car took 4 weeks to fix. Sigh.

I didn’t particularly want to pay extra to hire car seats for the kids as well, so we pulled ours out of the WRX before it took a ride on the back of a tow truck to the smash repairers.

I ran from our house to the local preferred by our insurer car rental place (as you do. Had to get there somehow right? Might as well make a work out of it). In hind sight, that was a bad idea. I was all sweaty and smelly by the time I got there.

They set me up with my new car for 2 weeks: A gold coloured Nissan Tiida hatchback, with a license plate that said “BJ 59 ME, which made me giggle a little.

Nissan Tiida – photo courtesy of www.nissan.com.au

I was quite impressed with how roomy the interior was. Despite it being a small car, there is plenty of leg room. Even with the passenger seat all the way back (because being only 5 foot 2, I certainly didn’t need the drivers seat all the way back!), there was still plenty of leg room in the back seat. Not that Daniel needed leg room.

The first problem came when Aaron tried to put the car seats in the car. The anchor points were at the very back of the boot. Hannah’s car seat was fine. It came with an extra long strap.

Daniel’s, on the other hand, was way too short to reach all the way to the back of the boot. I had to ride the bus to get an extension strap. Sigh.

Once the car seats were in place, the straps took up a lot of room in the boot. I could fit my pram in there (only just, and only with very careful, puzzle-like configuration), but nothing else.

The seats are upholstered with some slightly fuzzy, soft fabric. Yeah, it feels a bit nice to sit on, but then you have to get out of the car.

Because the seats are quite soft and a little bit fuzzy, when you scoot your butt across the seat to get out, you get all static-y.

Every single time I shut the car door after getting out, I’d get an electric shock. Ugh.

And I knew it was coming. That made it so much worse! I’d get out of the car and then stare at the door for a little bit. Do I want a shock on my hand? My arm maybe? My knee? Sigh.

I started shutting the door with my foot. But then I’d grab the garage door to close it and I’d get a shock from that instead.

That was enough for me to hate that darn car. I dreaded driving it every single day. I wanted to kick it every time it shocked me. Oh how I’d love to kick it! ┬áMaybe the rental place should put one of these on it:Anti Static Electricity Strap Earth Belt Ground Wire (YI-153)


-Spacious inside

-7.8 litres per 100km fuel consumption

-Easy to drive

-4 star ANCAP safety rating

-Car beeps at you if you turn the car off and leave head lights on


-Electric shock every time you get out of the car

-Straps from kids car seats take up a lot of the boot space

-Not a lot of boot space



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