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Veggie Tales: The Penniless Princess – God’s Little Girl

A cartoon featuring talking, walking (without legs, mind you), dancing, singing vegetables seems rather bizarre. But, kids seem to love watching their favourite, familiar dinner time fare don clothing and going on adventures. Fine, I like to watch it too. Er…sometimes. Not so much 1 million times in a row like Hannah does.

We already owned 2 Veggie Tales DVD’s when I was offered to review The Penniless Princess.

Penniless Princess DVD preview

The Penniless Princess is a vegetable riches to rags story. Sounds crazy right? But that’s the beauty of it. As the introduction song goes, “there’s never ever ever been a show like vegetales!”

True that!

Anyway… The moment the DVD came in the mail, Hannah wanted to watch it. Then she wanted to watch it again. And again. And again. She asks to watch it every single night. We don’t let her watch it every night, but when she does, I’m happy knowing that she is getting a good lesson in humility, generosity, and worth in God’s eyes.

Despite only being 3, she watches the whole thing without needing to do something else. She does get a little bit bored during the texting song, since she can’t read and doesn’t know what acronyms are. I bet girls who are a little bit older would love that bit though.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but there is a happy ending :) and there are no scary monsters or anything that will give kids nightmares. Because we certainly don’t need that. 


-Keeps kids entertained
-Wholesome content
-Good life lessons within the story
-Interesting story


-Texting song a bit too old for younger kids
-Parents will always wonder how the vegetables hold anything when they don’t have arms. Kids don’t seem to take any notice.

To buy your own copy of The Penniless Princess in the U.S/Canada, click here 

To buy it in Australia, click here 



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