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Magnabilities – magnetic necklace

I’m just starting to wear jewellery again. I haven’t been able to in a long while due to Daniel pulling on it, and/or trying to eat it. Sigh. Before I had kids I always wore jewellery. I had 3 earring holes in each ear. My 3rd holes have now closed, as well as one of my second holes. The first holes? They’ll never close. I got them when I was two.

I wore necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Every. Single. Day. Now I’m lucky if I leave the house wearing make up. But, as I said, I’ve just started to wear the occasional necklace. So, I said yes to reviewing a very interesting and different type of necklace. This isn’t your run of the mill necklace. It’s unique. It’s innovative. It’s different. It was definitely something I wanted to try out.

It’s Magnabilities. 

First you pick your base necklace, then your pendant, then whatever circular inserts you want. The pendant is magnetic, and so are the inserts. Basically, it’s a necklace that can look different every day, depending on which insert you stick in it. Brilliant. Necklaces in general are expensive, so I’m all for a necklace that you can inexpensively change into a completely different looking necklace. The inserts are only $5USD for the standard ones, and the premium $13.95.

I was very excited when I opened up my Magnabilities package. The pendant they sent me had diamontes. I’m all about sparkle (seriously, you should see my shoes. Not that you can through all the sequins.) See that blank space in the middle of the pendant? That’s where you stick (magnetically) the insert.

Glam pendant

I told them I really like pink and purple, so they also sent me an assortment of beautiful/interesting/awesome pink and purple inserts.

One of my purple inserts. Oh yes, it has butterflies AND stars. Awesome.

It was so much fun holding up all of the inserts next to the shirt I was wearing to find which one looked the best, which one I’d wear that day.

Me wearing my Magnabilities necklace

I love these necklaces, they are so fun, and so different to any necklace I’ve ever had or even seen. Seriously, I think the necklaces are so awesome, I’m going to buy one for my sister in law for her birthday. I hope she’s not reading this….


-Good quality
-Wide variety of inserts
-Inserts stay in the pendants, they never just fall out
-Tween range available
-Ships internationally (and it’s only $4.95 for U.S. shipping, and $10 for international shipping!)
-Inserts come in a pretty little drawstring bag (you can keep them in it so they don’t get lost)


-Inserts can be a choking hazard for small children (little determined hands can get the inserts out of the necklaces)
-There are so many different inserts, it’s hard to actually look at them all on the website
- I can’t think of any other cons!

On another note, it would be awesome if they made a range for the 3 years and over girls. Hannah loves my necklace, and wants to wear and change the inserts. How good would it be if she had a suitable necklace of her own with fun cartoon inserts (or something like that)?!

To buy your own Magnability necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, anywhere in the world, click here.

Or, you could enter to win a $100 voucher (which is enough buy you a necklace, pendant, and plenty of inserts) to spend on whatever you want at Magnability. Entries are open to people anywhere in the world!

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4 Responses to Magnabilities – magnetic necklace

  1. Anything purple for me!!!!

  2. I like the purple buttery and stars one, I also like the Van Gogh – Starry Night… to many to choose one favorite :D

  3. Oh I love the butterflies AND stars insert.

  4. I really like the Chiyogami 8 one. For now. haha.

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