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Reverse Charades

love board games.  I’m not exactly sure how many Aaron and I have, but it’s over 100.  Maybe 150.  Point is, it’s a lot.  We don’t often get time to play them these days, with a rambunctious little toddler who thinks game pieces look mighty tasty and their boards look like a dance floor, and a preschooler who likes to play with all of the game pieces, but not very carefully, and not all in one spot at one time.

I was over the moon when I was offered a free copy of Reverse Charades to review.  Aaron, on the other hand, was not looking forward to playing it.  He is an introvert by nature and charades is just not his thing.  He didn’t think our usual gaming group would be into it either.

But he was wrong.  Very wrong.  Everyone was giggling from the very first round.  Initially, we were only going to play one game, just so I could review it.  We ended up playing 3 games.

Reverse Charades is like regular charades, except only one person is guessing, and the rest of the team are acting.  In our case, we played with the minimum of six players, boys vs. girls. The players who are acting out the clues are encouraged to use each other as props, which looks hilarious and makes everyone roar with laughter.

At one point, my friend and I had to act out “honeymoon.”  We stood there acting out a quick wedding ceremony, followed by running around like airplanes.  Our team mate still hadn’t guessed the word, so we lowered ourselves to air humping each other whilst pointing at our wedding rings. The boys team were nearly wetting themselves from laughing so hard.

You have until the sand timer runs out to act out and guess as many clues as you can, with a point awarded for each one you get right. Then the next team has their go, and so on, until a team gets to a predetermined amount of points.

It’s seriously fun.  And hilarious to watch.

There are a few little problems though:  I’m not sure if it was just the sand timer in my particular box or Reverse Charades, or if it’s a flaw in all of them, but one side of the timer was actually longer than the other. When we turned it over to let the sand run from the long side to the short side, the sand would get stuck near the end and stop flowing.  We could get all of the sand into the short side, but only by banging it on the table.  After a couple rounds, we found it much easier to just use the timer on someone’s iPhone.

The cards look the same on both sides, so when we passed the card box around, we often pulled out the same card the other team had just put in.  It would be nice if the box was labelled “this side” and “that side,” or “front” and “back,” with the cards being a different colour on each side.

There is no score card, or paper to use to keep score.  We had to scrounge around for some scrap paper to keep score on.  A little square of dry erase cardboard and a dry erase pen in the box would come in mighty handy.

The main problem we had though, were the USA specific cards.  My team had “Grand Slam.”  Whilst I was pretending to be a baseball player, my team mate was trying to convey winning lots of different tennis matches.  No one in our group apart from me, the American, knew what a Grand Slam in baseball was.  We pulled out another card that said “Rosebowl,” and again, everyone but me had blank stares.  Maybe there could be an international version without all of the cards that only Americans would actually know what are.

Later, my husband found Reverse Charades for the iPhone.  It does all the timing for you, keeps score, tells you whose turn it is, and so on.  It’s not a shortened version, or a different version of the game, it’s the same, only easier because it doesn’t all the fiddly bits for you.  You can even add more “cards” to your iPhone deck through the app store.  I would definitely recommend the phone version rather than the box version.


-Fun with any sort of group.  Unless they have zero sense of humour.
-You can make the game long or short depending on how many points you play to.
-Comes with a large deck of double sided cards so you won’t be doing the same ones over again for a long time.
-Can get it on your iPhone or Android phone
-There is no maximum player amount, so you can play in a large group


-Timer doesn’t work properly
-Cards are the same colour and pattern on both sides and box doesn’t differentiate between sides either.
-Some cards are USA specific.
-Doesn’t come with anything to take score.



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