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Arbonne skincare

I’m always kind of scared to try to different skincare products.  My face is prone to breakouts and some skincare lines send my skin straight into eruption mode.  But at the same time, I’m excited to try different products because there is always the chance that they are amazing and take me away to clear skin city.  I’m 30 years old and still have acne prone skin, so that would be nice.

Jeanne from Arbonne sent me a lovely selection of skincare products to try out.  She didn’t have any samples of Arbonne’s anti acne line (unfortunately), so I went with the anti- ageing  line instead.  As I said, I’m 30, and I live in Australia where the sun is particularly harsh, so fine lines will start creeping up on me.  They’ve already started around my eyes.  They don’t even card me at the liquor store anymore, when not so long ago I got looks of disbelief when I told people my age.

arbonne RE9 skincare

As soon as I squeezed some Arbonne RE9 face wash onto my hands, my nostrils were filled with a lovely, fresh, amazing scent.  The wash removed the day from my face and the moisturiser made my face feel smooth and hydrated (and smell delicious).  My skin drank it in felt really nice.

Unfortunately it was too rich for my skin type and after using the day cream in the morning, I was shiny before midday.  I think this line would be fantastic for someone a bit older than me who has thirsty, non acne prone skin.  But for me, it wasn’t quite right.

The eye cream on the other hand….

arbonne RE9 corrective eye cream

I am in love with.  The fine lines around my eyes are not so defined and prominent.  I can’t handle moisturiser that is too rich on the rest of my face, but the skin around my eyes basks in it.  The tiny little sample bottle has lasted me ages because you don’t need much – a little goes a long way.  I’ve tried lots of eye creams before, but I haven’t found one as good as this.  The little bottle I’ve been using for a month now is almost gone, but I like it so much, I’m going to buy some.


RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Cream

Reduces fine lines
Smells wonderful
Moisturises delicate eye area
Doesn’t feel greasy
Easily absorbed
Natural ingredients (i.e. alfalfa seed extract, algae extract, etc.)

Shipping can be expensive

To buy Arbonne products, click here.  They also do make up, and mens lines!


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