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I love summer. Well, I love those days that aren’t a stinking hot 45 degrees (113f). I love wearing skirts and summer dresses and tank tops and sunglasses.

Unfortunately most of my summer dresses so low cut that if I’m not extremely careful, my nipple will hang out. Now I’m sorry, but that’s a bit too low cut for my liking. And any sort of bending over allows the entire world to peer down my top and see both of my boobs. Nipple and all. Sigh.

I used to wear a bikini top under my summer dresses, because believe it or not, those tiny bikini tops cover more of my boobs than the dresses do. Ridiculous, I know. But bikini tops look a bit silly when you’re over an hour away from the beach. I used to live a lot closer to the beach, so it wasn’t that weird.

Bikini top under dress. Still doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but at least my nipples were covered. Of course this was back when I actually had boobs (before 2 babies breastfed for a year each, sucking the life out of my poor chest) and was much younger and could get away with wearing such things.

Last year I bought these bandeau top things to wear over my bra and under dresses and low shirts to cover my cleavage. Seemed like a good idea. And it was. For about 5 minutes. Then the bandeau top starts to slide down and my cleavage shows anyway. Sigh.

Lucky for me, I was asked if I wanted to review a halftee. A halftee? What is that? 

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Half of a t-shirt. The top half. Not a baggy horrible one, a nice fitted one.

basic halftee

They also come in tank top style, 3/4 sleeves, just above the elbow sleeves, and in different colours. Brilliant.


The Halftee under a very low cut top. I would rather the world not see my boobs (lack there of)….

I thought maybe the bottom would ride up and start going over my bra, but it didn’t. It stays put. It’s super comfortable, and you can wear it backwards if you want it to come even higher on your chest. How clever is that? Apart from doing it’s job exactly as described, my absolute favourite part about the halftee is that there is no horrible, itchy tag, just a little logo printed on the inside of the shirt.


-Doesn’t ride up
-No uncomfortable tag
-Can wear the back as the front
-Comes in 7 different colours
-Comes in 4 different sleeve cuts
-Reasonably priced
-Website has a measurement guide so you order the correct size
-Ships worldwide


-Needs to be ironed after washing. What, I hate ironing!

You can purchase your own halftees here. You can also purchase halftees from selected stores in the U.S. and Canada. Click here for the list of locations.

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