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Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath

You may remember my problems with Hannah and conditioner. No? You can read about accidentally getting some adult conditioner in her eye here . Sigh.

I’ve always washed Daniel in Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath. Someone got me a giant pump bottle of it when he was born. I think it was in the hamper full of baby stuff that my church gave us. So that’s what I used.

When I ran out, I went for the cheap supermarket brand baby bath. I’m sure they’re the same, right?


Daniel has this fun (er…fun for him, not so much for me) habit of sitting in the bath and then suddenly lurching forward face first into the bath water to eat the bubbles and drink the water. As you do. Apart from near heart attacks on my part each time he did this, he never had a problem with it.

Until I used the cheap supermarket stuff. He got some in his eye (easy to do when face planting the bath water). His pudgy little face scrunched up tightly, his bottom lip came out, he turned an interesting shade of red, half closed his eyes, and then the tears started pouring out.

I checked the bottle. Hmm…it said gentle non-tear formula. But that certainly wasn’t what I was witnessing right in front of me.

I wiped the copious amount of bubbles off of his face, rinsed him with bubble free water, and calmed him down.

Lucky for me, right after that incident, I received a package in the mail containing a bottle of Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath. Phew, no more tears. Actual no more tears. I was going to go buy some at the supermarket, but it’s much better getting it for free :)


-No more tears actually is no more tears
-Smells nice
-Cleans baby’s hair, body, face, etc, no need for other shampoos or anything
-It’s what hospitals use, so you know it’s good (Tresillian uses it too)
-Comes in big pump bottle, normal flip top bottle, and travel size


-A bit more expensive than supermarket brand (but still not that much and totally worth it)