LELO smart wand

I have to admit, I laughed when I opened the email containing a review request for the LELO Smart Wand all over body massager. Usually “all over body massager” is code for…you know…vibrator…. And I’m not about to start reviewing vibrators.

But then I watched the how to use it YouTube video (and I was quite apprehensive of what I might be about to see before I hit play) and found that it actually is a massager. I think.

How to use the LELO smart wand

So I said yes. I could use a massage, so sure, send it my way. I googled LELO smart wand, and found you can buy them from sex shops. Hmm… What was I getting myself in to?

It’s actually quite large. The end is about the size of my fist.

I seriously thought a vibrator was going to turn up at my door step. When the LELO did arrive, the box was quite large. I didn’t know it was the LELO that the package contained. Discreet packaging you see. Which is good, because if a delivery man thinks that kegel exercisers are “personal massagers,” (you can read that story here) then what would he think of an all over body massager? I didn’t really want to re-live that embarrassment again. Phew.

I opened the box.

“Oh, that’s definitely not a vibrator!” I told Aaron rather excitedly. It was way too big for that sort of thing. If I ordered a vibrator for actual um… vibrate-y things, I would be like “Oh heck no! You’re not coming near me with that thing!”

So yeah, all over body massager it actually is. I’m pretty sure.

I checked all of the instructions for good measure. There was no “do not insert…” warning, but I’m still going to go with that’s not what it’s for.

Massaging her own back. Easy.

It just so happend that I could use a shoulder massage, so after charging it up, I turned it on and went to work. With the 8 different vibration settings, I could start the massage slow and pick it up from there. Oh boy did it undo some knots.

It’s easy to reach your own shoulders because of the curved design. Oh, and did I mention it’s water proof? Yeah, you can take that bad boy in the bath with you. Relaxing bath, with a shoulder massage? Yes please. Can you tell that shoulder massages are my favourite? It’s also relaxing on my legs, feet, and lower back.

So just why is it shaped rather like a penis? I’m not sure. But because it is, I feel like I have to hide it away so anyone who comes over doesn’t see it. Even though it’s not used for any coital purposes. And I certainly can’t let any friends have a back massage with it because it does look like a vibrator. Despite it’s large size. I think they might be rather frightened if I pulled it out and said “hey, try this out.”

Hannah thinks it’s the best toy ever, and loves to turn it on and run around the house with it. Which looks rather funny/alarming/weird/horrible/cringeworthy due to it’s phallic appearance. I really hope that she doesn’t go in my room, grab it, and run around with it when we have people over. Sigh. Hopefully she doesn’t know where I hide it.

Maybe people do use it for um…you know… Maybe they don’t. I don’t know. All I know is that use it as a shoulder/leg/foot/back massager, and it is very good at that. 


-8 different settings
-Curve makes it easy to reach your own back and shoulders
-Comes in different colours (Mine is purple, my favourite!)
-Completely waterproof
-1 year warranty
-Discreet packaging


-Phallic appearance (although maybe some people like feeling like they are getting a back massage from a penis?)
-A bit pricey
- I really hope my Grandma isn’t reading this

To Buy a LELO smart wand, click here

*I received a free LELO smart wand for review purposes.






Veggie Tales: The Penniless Princess – God’s Little Girl

A cartoon featuring talking, walking (without legs, mind you), dancing, singing vegetables seems rather bizarre. But, kids seem to love watching their favourite, familiar dinner time fare don clothing and going on adventures. Fine, I like to watch it too. Er…sometimes. Not so much 1 million times in a row like Hannah does.

We already owned 2 Veggie Tales DVD’s when I was offered to review The Penniless Princess.

Penniless Princess DVD preview

The Penniless Princess is a vegetable riches to rags story. Sounds crazy right? But that’s the beauty of it. As the introduction song goes, “there’s never ever ever been a show like vegetales!”

True that!

Anyway… The moment the DVD came in the mail, Hannah wanted to watch it. Then she wanted to watch it again. And again. And again. She asks to watch it every single night. We don’t let her watch it every night, but when she does, I’m happy knowing that she is getting a good lesson in humility, generosity, and worth in God’s eyes.

Despite only being 3, she watches the whole thing without needing to do something else. She does get a little bit bored during the texting song, since she can’t read and doesn’t know what acronyms are. I bet girls who are a little bit older would love that bit though.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but there is a happy ending :) and there are no scary monsters or anything that will give kids nightmares. Because we certainly don’t need that. 


-Keeps kids entertained
-Wholesome content
-Good life lessons within the story
-Interesting story


-Texting song a bit too old for younger kids
-Parents will always wonder how the vegetables hold anything when they don’t have arms. Kids don’t seem to take any notice.

To buy your own copy of The Penniless Princess in the U.S/Canada, click here 

To buy it in Australia, click here 



Abigail the story buddy

Hannah (3) wasn’t feeling very well. She was lying (laying?) around on the lounge looking miserable.

Knock knock.

“Mommy, there’s someone at the door.” She told me excitedly as she perked up for a little bit.

“Hannah, there’s a package for YOU!!!”

I helped her open it and watched her little face light up despite feeling horrible when she saw the soft furry bunny inside.

“Is this for me Mommy?” She asked.

“Yes sweetie, she’s for you! The box said her name was Abigail.


“Look, she has a book too.” I told Hannah.

“Can you read it to me Mommy? Pllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee?”

Hannah sat on my lap with Abigail next to her as I read Abigail’s story.

At the end of the page, Abigail spoke.

“She TALKS mommy!” Hannah was so excited. “She’s listening to the story too!”

Abigail would say something relevant to the story on nearly every page.  Each time Hannah got excited.

When we were done with the story, Hannah got up, with a sudden burst of energy and pulled Abigail in all directions, tossing her in the air, helping her “do gymnastics” just like in Abigail’s book.

We read Abigail’s book, The Balance Beam, many times that day. And many times since. Hannah can’t get enough. She sits for the entire reading without getting bored, and sometimes for 2 or 3 readings back to back, each time as excited when Abigail talks as the last.


-Abigail doesn’t say random things, she actually responds to phrases from the book
-Kids LOVE that Abigail interacts with the story
-Durable (Hannah was throwing her up in the air, and she can’t catch very well…)
-Comes with a book
-Reasonably priced
-Makes kids want to read
-Can purchase more books that Abigail will respond to


-Subsequent books are a little pricey at $9.99AU each

To buy Abigail (or other interactive story buddies, such as Cooper the Bear) in Australia, click here

To buy Abigail in the US/Canada, click here

*I received Abigail for free for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.



Personalized Children’s Book

Hannah loves reading. She is partial to anything with Mickey Mouse and gets me to read this 50-something page book about Mickey and friends having a picnic. All. The. Time. Sigh.

I dread when she asks me to read that book. I’m just over it. I’ve read it to her about 1 million times. And that is quite enough, thanks. But she still asks for more, and I know that it’s beneficial for kids her age to hear things over and over and over again. Did I mention sigh?

But how to steer her away from the dreaded Mickey book to something else? Something new. Something different. 

I got an email asking if I’d like to review a personalized children’s book. A book that actually has Hannah’s name in it. And some of her friends too.

I was very excited. Surely she’d switch from wanting me to read Mickey all the time to wanting me to read the new book? Plus it’s cool. They didn’t have such coolness when I was a kid.

The book came a couple of weeks before Hannah’s birthday. I chose a Sesame Street book as she knows the characters and does quite like Elmo even though I had to take the voice box out of her tickle me Elmo because it creeped her out. It was pretty creepy. I’ll give her that.

I decided to save the book for her birthday. I thought it would make a great present.

Unfortunately, it somehow got missed when I brought her presents out from under my bed and since Grandma bought her nearly a thousand birthday presents (fine, that is a little exaggerated), I didn’t notice until the next day when I suddenly remembered that I couldn’t recall her opening her awesome personalized book.

So she didn’t get to open it on her birthday, but she did get to open it the next day. Kids don’t usually get presents the day after their birthday, so she was pretty excited.

I held off on actually reading more than the first few pages of it to her as I really wanted to tape it. I wanted a video of her excited little face when her name and Daniel’s name and her best friends name came up over and over again in the book.

But video taping and reading involves either a tripod, or an Aaron to hold the camera. Plus Daniel would have to be asleep so he didn’t knock down the tripod and try to eat the camera (seriously, he would), or jump on Aaron as he tried to film. He’s cheeky like that.

Yeah, I never got around to the filming.

I was itching to read the book to her, so I gave in one day and just did it. Without the filming.

“It was a busy day on Sesame Street. Everyone was preparing for the big art show. Hannah Thomson, age 3, from Sydney, NSW was coming to judge the show.”

At the mention of her name, age, and town, she lit up. There was no way the name was a coincidence when all the other info unique to her was there too. She knew it was about her.

“Hannah was bringing Daniel, Violet, and Annie to help her.”

She giggled a happy, excited little giggle at the mention of her brother and two friends.

Hannah loved hearing about her day on Sesame Street, since kids her age think the world revolves around them. She even paid attention to the whole book without getting bored, felt relaxed enough to poop on the potty while I read it to her (anyone who reads my other blog would know what an accomplishment that was).


-Reasonably priced
- Great keepsake
-Well made with thick paper and hard cover
-Fun to read (even for the adult!)
-Would appeal to all kids as all kids like hearing about themselves


-Only ships to U.S.
-The font used is not the best. It could have looked a lot better with a different font.

KD Novelties has a wide range of personalized books available from adventure  to holiday and religious  to super heros.

To order your own personalized book, click here.


Books – What to Expect Series

Over 3 years ago:

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. Again. Sigh. Not because I needed to pee (Although I did need to pee. As usual…), but because my nose suddenly decided once again to evacuate some blood. Onto my pillow. Sigh. It was becoming a daily occurrence. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Sometimes embarrassingly at work. Once right in the middle of a dinner I was having with about 20 other women from my church (whom of course were all then fussing over me and wondering if I was ok. “It’s fine. I told them, happens all the time.”)

The first time it happend, I thought it was just one of those things. A random fluke. Then it happened the next day. And the next. I started to get worried.

But then I read my weekly instalment of What to Expect When You’re Expecting . I read that nosebleeds are common in pregnancy.  Phew. Not usually to the frequency of mine, so I took myself to the doctor, and he wasn’t worried. I continued to get near daily nosebleeds for my entire pregnancy. Then, Hannah was born and it stopped (thank goodness!).


I was contacted to review the What to Expect series.

What? It’s a series? Maybe I’m just silly, but I didn’t know there were more books beyond What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and What to Expect The First Year. Yeah, there’s also What to Expect the Second Year, What to Expect the Toddler Years, THE WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING PREGNANCY ORGANIZER, What to Expect Before You’re Expecting, and What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting.

Also, there is a website. Totally didn’t know about that either.

I certainly wish I’d known about What to Expect the Second Year when Hannah was 2. I remember when I was pregnant with Hannah excitedly reading the relevant chapter of What to Expect When You’re Expecting every single week. I loved finding out all about how she big she was, which organs were forming when, what she was doing, if what I was feeling/experiencing was normal, and just filling my head with everything baby.

I also had What to Expect the First Year. Every month after Hannah was born I’d read up on what was normal, what wasn’t, what she should be doing, what I should expect, dangers, etc. Without those books, I would have been like a blind man trying trying to read a non-braille book. I’d never been a mom before. I had no idea what I was doing.

I didn’t know that they shouldn’t eat honey before the age of 1 because of botulism. Or that it’s normal for babies to poop many times a day, or once every few days. They’re all different.

The What to Expect Series is a wealth of information that every parent should read and have on hand to look things up when in need (like ‘Uh-oh, does my baby have a fever? Wait, what should their normal temperature be?’).

Not only do the books have the week by week sections (pregnancy), and month by month sections (The First year, The second Year), but they also have special sections with first aid info, and other vital information. I will definitely be reading What to Expect the Second Year each month when Daniel turns 1.


-Broken down into relevant chapters based on gestation/age
-Extensive information
-Special sections for Dads
-Special sections for additional info such as first aid
-Written by Experts
-Exciting to read
-Comes in Kindle format
-Helpful with the second pregnancy/child as by the time you do it all again, you’ve forgotten what should happen when!


-Hmmm…It’s kind of hard to think of any.
-Hard to find time to read the books when you have more than one kid (does that count as a con?)

Wanna win a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, What to Expect The First Year, and What to Expect The Second Year? Of course you do! There are 2 prize packs to be won (1 copy of each book for 2 lucky winners).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath

You may remember my problems with Hannah and conditioner. No? You can read about accidentally getting some adult conditioner in her eye here . Sigh.

I’ve always washed Daniel in Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath. Someone got me a giant pump bottle of it when he was born. I think it was in the hamper full of baby stuff that my church gave us. So that’s what I used.

When I ran out, I went for the cheap supermarket brand baby bath. I’m sure they’re the same, right?


Daniel has this fun (er…fun for him, not so much for me) habit of sitting in the bath and then suddenly lurching forward face first into the bath water to eat the bubbles and drink the water. As you do. Apart from near heart attacks on my part each time he did this, he never had a problem with it.

Until I used the cheap supermarket stuff. He got some in his eye (easy to do when face planting the bath water). His pudgy little face scrunched up tightly, his bottom lip came out, he turned an interesting shade of red, half closed his eyes, and then the tears started pouring out.

I checked the bottle. Hmm…it said gentle non-tear formula. But that certainly wasn’t what I was witnessing right in front of me.

I wiped the copious amount of bubbles off of his face, rinsed him with bubble free water, and calmed him down.

Lucky for me, right after that incident, I received a package in the mail containing a bottle of Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Bath. Phew, no more tears. Actual no more tears. I was going to go buy some at the supermarket, but it’s much better getting it for free :)


-No more tears actually is no more tears
-Smells nice
-Cleans baby’s hair, body, face, etc, no need for other shampoos or anything
-It’s what hospitals use, so you know it’s good (Tresillian uses it too)
-Comes in big pump bottle, normal flip top bottle, and travel size


-A bit more expensive than supermarket brand (but still not that much and totally worth it)


Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Aaron and I went to the dentist a couple months ago. I hadn’t been in about….hmmmm…. I can’t even remember, it’s been that long. Probably 10 years. I’ve never been to the dentist here in Australia. I was sure I had at least 20 cavities.

I didn’t. Luckily. The dirtiest part of my mouth was in between my teeth. I don’t floss as often as I should. Maybe once a month. Yeah, I’m terrible. It’s hard to find the time when you have 2 little kids. And when I do have the time (after they go to bed at night), I’m dead tired and the last thing I feel like doing is flossing my teeth.

The dentist told me to floss every day. I did. For about a week. Then it went to every other day. Then sometimes every 3 days….

She told Aaron the same thing. He wasn’t as lucky as me. He needs to have his wisdom teeth taken out, and he has some cavities too.

He also won’t floss his teeth. Even after going to the dentist and being told to. Sigh.

Maybe there is another way? Quick, easy, without having to perform finger acrobatics to get to your back teeth?

The thought of an easier way hadn’t actually crossed my mind. I had no idea there was another way until I was asked to try out the new Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Before receiving it, I could not even remotely picture it or how it would work or what it would look like. I could have googled it, but I don’t like to have any preconceived ideas of what a product should or shouldn’t do. I like to try it out, see what I think, then read up on it.

We were pleasantly surprised when we opened the package and found two AirFlosses (although looking back at the email from the PR company, it did say 2. Maybe I need my eyes checked as well as my teeth!).

I got another surprise when Aaron opened his, read through the manual, put it on to charge up, and was the first to actually use it. Yeah, Aaron. The one who hates flossing.

“Is it easy to use?” I asked him.

“Yeah, really easy.”

The next night I was washing dishes when I heard it being used again. Followed by lots of giggling. I felt a bit of water hit my leg. Followed by giggling. As I turned around, there stood Hannah, AirFloss in hand, smile on her face, giggles falling out of her mouth. Seems it also makes a great amusing toy for toddlers (when their dads give it to them…).

I delayed trying it out because I couldn’t be bothered reading the manual. I hate reading manuals. Turns out I didn’t have to. It’s super easy to use. Just fill it with water or mouthwash, position on your gum line in between your teeth, push the button, move to next tooth.

Facts and how to use the AirFloss

It was really quick. It only required one hand. I can hold a clingy baby, and still floss my teeth! You can feel the rush of air and water droplets going between your teeth. It’s kind of exhilarating. I no longer dread flossing my teeth. Now it’s quick, easy, and fun.

How does a one handed person floss their teeth? Seriously? I never thought about it until using the AirFloss with one hand. But there are a lot of people out there with only one hand (You don’t have to look far to find someone with one hand, just watch The Amazing Race Australia). How do they floss?

The real question is: does it really work? Info on their website tells me that using the AirFloss removes up to 99% more plaque than manual brushing alone. But I couldn’t find any info on how the AirFloss compares to normal flossing, so I emailed a representative and conducted my own test.

The representative got back to me saying “We don’t have any statistics on regular flossing vs air flossing, however, we have found that 86 per cent of users find the Sonicare AirFloss easier to use than string floss.”

As for my own test: after brushing my teeth, I used the AirFloss. Immediately after using the AirFloss, I  flossed manually, with some string dental floss, to see if any bits of stuff still lurked between my teeth.

There was still a little bit of stuff between some of my teeth, but not nearly as much as usual. I have a permanent retainer cemented to the inside of my bottom teeth to prevent them from moving back into their default horribly-sideways-and-crooked position (it was put there after I had braces as a teen). With normal dental floss, I have to put the floss across 4 of my bottom teeth, pull it under the wire with my tongue, then pull one side of the floss out so that it’s under the wire, one end of the floss at the front of my teeth, the other end at the back. It’s a pain in the butt. Surprisingly, there was nothing stuck under the wire after using the AirFloss.

I don’t think the AirFloss does quite as well as regular flossing, but it’s certainly much, much better than not flossing at all. My plan is to use the AirFloss daily, and then floss normally once a week. Ah, who am I kidding, it will probably be more like once a month.


-Easy to use

-Rechargeable battery

-Quick (great for busy moms!)

-Only requires one hand (so I can hold an unruly baby and still floss my teeth!)


-Doesn’t hurt at all

-Doesn’t make your gums bleed

-Removes 99% more plaque than manual brushing alone

-Comes with 2 year warranty

-Can get replacement heads, or multiple heads so more than one person can use the same unit

-Entertains toddlers (which is great at teeth brushing time!)


-Makes a loud-ish noise when you press the button to send air and water particles flying between your teeth. You get used to it, it’s just a bit startling the first couple of times.

-Large initial outlay at $169.95 (but if it saves you from cavities, then really, you’re saving a whole lot of money!)

-Doesn’t work quite as well as string dental floss

The AirFloss is available at The Shaver Shop throughout Australia. You can also call 1-300-363-391, option 5, for additional stockists.

To buy the AirFloss online in Australia, click here.

To buy the AirFloss in the U.S/Canada, click here

Nissan Tiida

When my husband crashed the car (which you can read about here), our insurance company rented a car for us for two weeks. The car took 4 weeks to fix. Sigh.

I didn’t particularly want to pay extra to hire car seats for the kids as well, so we pulled ours out of the WRX before it took a ride on the back of a tow truck to the smash repairers.

I ran from our house to the local preferred by our insurer car rental place (as you do. Had to get there somehow right? Might as well make a work out of it). In hind sight, that was a bad idea. I was all sweaty and smelly by the time I got there.

They set me up with my new car for 2 weeks: A gold coloured Nissan Tiida hatchback, with a license plate that said “BJ 59 ME, which made me giggle a little.

Nissan Tiida – photo courtesy of www.nissan.com.au

I was quite impressed with how roomy the interior was. Despite it being a small car, there is plenty of leg room. Even with the passenger seat all the way back (because being only 5 foot 2, I certainly didn’t need the drivers seat all the way back!), there was still plenty of leg room in the back seat. Not that Daniel needed leg room.

The first problem came when Aaron tried to put the car seats in the car. The anchor points were at the very back of the boot. Hannah’s car seat was fine. It came with an extra long strap.

Daniel’s, on the other hand, was way too short to reach all the way to the back of the boot. I had to ride the bus to get an extension strap. Sigh.

Once the car seats were in place, the straps took up a lot of room in the boot. I could fit my pram in there (only just, and only with very careful, puzzle-like configuration), but nothing else.

The seats are upholstered with some slightly fuzzy, soft fabric. Yeah, it feels a bit nice to sit on, but then you have to get out of the car.

Because the seats are quite soft and a little bit fuzzy, when you scoot your butt across the seat to get out, you get all static-y.

Every single time I shut the car door after getting out, I’d get an electric shock. Ugh.

And I knew it was coming. That made it so much worse! I’d get out of the car and then stare at the door for a little bit. Do I want a shock on my hand? My arm maybe? My knee? Sigh.

I started shutting the door with my foot. But then I’d grab the garage door to close it and I’d get a shock from that instead.

That was enough for me to hate that darn car. I dreaded driving it every single day. I wanted to kick it every time it shocked me. Oh how I’d love to kick it!  Maybe the rental place should put one of these on it:Anti Static Electricity Strap Earth Belt Ground Wire (YI-153)


-Spacious inside

-7.8 litres per 100km fuel consumption

-Easy to drive

-4 star ANCAP safety rating

-Car beeps at you if you turn the car off and leave head lights on


-Electric shock every time you get out of the car

-Straps from kids car seats take up a lot of the boot space

-Not a lot of boot space



Dreambaby Appliance Latches

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. With 2 kids. Sigh. Needless to say, there is no separate play room, or rec room or anything of the sort. There is the living room. which also houses the abundance of  toys we happen to own because Grandma keeps spoiling the kids.

Our TV unit has 2 drawers. The bottom one stores all of our random cords and chargers. The top one all of the Wii and PlayStation controllers.

Daniel is particularly interested in controllers. He loves to open the drawers and push buttons and chew on all of the controllers. Those drawers are like 2 little chests of treasure in the world of Daniel.

He also enjoys opening in and shutting the drawers. Half of the time with his fingers still in them. Screams ensue, followed by cuddles from Mom, and then he’s straight back to those darn drawers.

I couldn’t get the Dreambaby Safety Latches, because with those, you can still open the drawer far enough to stick your fingers in (to undo the latch). And that is plenty far enough for tiny Daniel fingers to get shut in there. Sigh.

Instead, I got the dreambaby Appliance Latches. I put them on the drawers after Daniel went to bed, and viola! Bubba proof drawers.

Or not.

They worked for one day. Daniel tried opening the drawers just once and then moved on to something else.

Today, he wasn’t so distracted. He wanted to chew on those remotes. It took him all of 2 seconds to work out how to pull the velcro off and get into the drawers. Sigh.

Did I mention he’s only 9 months old?

The back of the package tells me: “There is no substitute for proper adult supervision. This product is only a deterrent. Discontinue use when child is able to open it.” Gee, thanks.

I suppose if I were to use this on the fridge or something, out of tiny hand reach, it would work fine. But it does say on the package that it is suitable for cabinets.


-Would work well on refrigerators if put high enough


-Even a baby can easily work out how to undo the velcro

-Fairly expensive ($14.95 AUD) for a bit of velcro with a sticky backing

-Velcro is not very high strength

I was actually looking for Dreambaby Angle Locks  when I bought my appliance latches, but I couldn’t find any. I guess I’ll just have to continue my search. Sigh.

Cheeky boy eating the wii controller

Chobani Greek Yogurt

When I was little, I hated yogurt. Of course, I pretty much hated most foods. I was such a fussy eater! I can’t even remember when I started eating yogurt, but it’s been a long time.

My husband thinks I’m weird with my yogurt. I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream, cream, tartare sauce, and sometimes I just stick it on top of chicken or fish and use it as a sauce. All by itself. YUM!

The best yogurt I’ve ever tasted was thick, creamy, and extremely delicious. It wasn’t all shiny and half-runny like commercially made yogurt. This yogurt was made by my host family. They make their own yogurt, feta cheese (also the best feta I’ve ever tasted in my life), brie, the list goes on.

I’ve never seen yogurt like theirs.

Until now. The other day, I was couriered some greek yogurt to try, made by a company called Chobani. They make the #1 selling yogurt in the U.S. and now they’ve come here to Australia.

When I peeled back the foil lid of the first individual tub of yogurt, I was expecting it to be just like all the other flavoured greek yogurts out there.

And then I saw it: thick, creamy, non-shiny, scrumptious looking yogurt. It looked just like the yogurt that my host family made.

Hannah couldn’t wait to try it. She got all excited as I unpacked the cooler bag full of yogurt. “Can I have the passionfruit yogurt Mommy?” She asked me. Sure, why not?

She ate the whole pot, which is awesome considering it’s hard to get her to eat any sort of protein.

It was absolutely delicious. Just how I remembered my host family’s yogurt tasting.

I read the information packet the courier brought me with it and found that Chobani strains their yogurt. That’s why it is so thick and delicious (and packed with protein). Just like my host family do with their yogurt.



-Thick without being full of fat

-Comes in lots of flavours, or plain

-Good to cook with

-Twice as much protein as regular yogurts

-5 active cultures and 3 probiotics

-Gluten free

-Made with natural ingredients

-95% lactose free, so many intolerant people can eat it


-Inexpensive ($1.99RRP for 170g and $5.79RRP for 907g)


-Only available at Woolworths

Seriously, it’s yummy!!!!

*I was given yogurt to try for free. All opinions expressed are my own.

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