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Chobani Greek Yogurt

When I was little, I hated yogurt. Of course, I pretty much hated most foods. I was such a fussy eater! I can’t even remember when I started eating yogurt, but it’s been a long time.

My husband thinks I’m weird with my yogurt. I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream, cream, tartare sauce, and sometimes I just stick it on top of chicken or fish and use it as a sauce. All by itself. YUM!

The best yogurt I’ve ever tasted was thick, creamy, and extremely delicious. It wasn’t all shiny and half-runny like commercially made yogurt. This yogurt was made by my host family. They make their own yogurt, feta cheese (also the best feta I’ve ever tasted in my life), brie, the list goes on.

I’ve never seen yogurt like theirs.

Until now. The other day, I was couriered some greek yogurt to try, made by a company called Chobani. They make the #1 selling yogurt in the U.S. and now they’ve come here to Australia.

When I peeled back the foil lid of the first individual tub of yogurt, I was expecting it to be just like all the other flavoured greek yogurts out there.

And then I saw it: thick, creamy, non-shiny, scrumptious looking yogurt. It looked just like the yogurt that my host family made.

Hannah couldn’t wait to try it. She got all excited as I unpacked the cooler bag full of yogurt. “Can I have the passionfruit yogurt Mommy?” She asked me. Sure, why not?

She ate the whole pot, which is awesome considering it’s hard to get her to eat any sort of protein.

It was absolutely delicious. Just how I remembered my host family’s yogurt tasting.

I read the information packet the courier brought me with it and found that Chobani strains their yogurt. That’s why it is so thick and delicious (and packed with protein). Just like my host family do with their yogurt.



-Thick without being full of fat

-Comes in lots of flavours, or plain

-Good to cook with

-Twice as much protein as regular yogurts

-5 active cultures and 3 probiotics

-Gluten free

-Made with natural ingredients

-95% lactose free, so many intolerant people can eat it


-Inexpensive ($1.99RRP for 170g and $5.79RRP for 907g)


-Only available at Woolworths

Seriously, it’s yummy!!!!

*I was given yogurt to try for free. All opinions expressed are my own.