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Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When we lived with Grandma, she had this atrocious vacuum that had a canister, a long hose, and then a head on the end of the hose. Not a power head, just a head that sucked. It didn’t work very well, was very hard to push, and I had to push and pull with all my might just to give the carpet a half decent clean.

I wanted a new vacuum. Aaron wasn’t so sure, so I set about trying to find a decently priced vacuum with a power head (you know, the kind that has brushes that spin around at a very fast pace to get all the crap out of your carpet). After much searching, I found the Dirt Devil 1800w upright vacuum at Bunnings.

It looked pretty good, so I bought it.

It cleans the carpets quite well. It’s fairly easy to push (though not nearly as easy as the self propelled vacuums, but we don’t seem to have those over here). But  oh my gosh, is it annoying!

First there’s the handle. Maybe our particular vacuum is missing a part or something (though not that I can see), because the darn handle is not actually attached to the vacuum. It’s just shoved in the top of the vacuum. That’s fine for the actual vacuuming process, but when I need to say, move it over the bottom rail of the baby gate, things get a little ugly. The first time I picked it up by the handle,  the entire vacuum part fell off and hit me in the toe. Sigh. I should have learned my lesson then, but I forget and it happens all the time. Well, sometimes.

To get the body of the vacuum to go past 90 degrees to the head (i.e. so you can actually use the vacuum), you just have to push on the head with your foot while pulling the body of the vacuum down. Sometimes it works straight away. Other times, I have to stand on the head of the vacuum cleaner, facing the body, and push it with everything I’ve got. Over and over again, until it finally comes free.

Then there’s the noise. Oh my gosh, the NOISE! I have to vacuum while Grandma is over to watch the kids so that they can all hide in a bedroom while I vacuum the rest of the house. It’s so loud my ears buzz for ages when I’m finished. I’m kind of scared I’m going to go deaf because of the stupid vacuum cleaner. I’m sure the entire neighbourhood knows when I’m doing the vacuuming.


-Cleans carpets well

-Comes with pet hair tool, which works quite well when used properly

-HEPA filtration

-Comes with crevice tool


-Handle comes off and vacuum falls on your feet

-VERY loud when in use

-Head does not easily go from storing position to vacuuming position

Or you could just buy a different vacuum…