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Johnson’s No More Tangles

Johnson’s No More Tangles conditioner

My almost 3 year old Hannah has crazy long hair. She has had a mop of hair ever since birth. It’s just kept growing and growing, and is not a very long way down her back. When she was younger, I used whatever brand of tear free shampoo/conditioner was on sale. But as her hair kept growing, it kept getting more and more tangly. I went in search of a toddler conditioner, stand alone conditioner, not as a 2-in-1. Those just didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.

I couldn’t find one anywhere. I searched high and low. I came up with nothing. There was no conditioner specifically for toddlers. Instead, I used my conditioner on her. It worked great. Her hair was shiny, easy to brush, got less tangled. But then one day, I accidentally got some in her eye when I was trying to rinse it out.

Oh boy did she scream! And then she was scared to have a bath. Before that she loved having baths. I had to hold her down while she screamed just so I could was her hair. It was horrible for both of us.

Then I got an email from a PR company wanting to know if I’d like to try the new Johnson’s No More Tangles range of toddler shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray to review. Um YES PLEASE! Finally, someone decided to make conditioner for toddlers!

The range is also no more tears. Just FYI. So if it gets in their eyes, no worries, it won’t make them scream and turn their eye an angry shade of red like grown up conditioner does.

I tried it out on Hannah, and it worked great. It really does help get the tangles out. I found I could comb her hair out quicker in the bath (I comb her hair out while it has conditioner in it in the bath) than I could when I used my conditioner on her.





-Readily available

-Actually does help with tangles

-Can leave in the conditioner and it doesn’t look greasy

-No more tears formula. I can give Hannah a bath and wash her hair without having to hold her down


-Hair not quite as shiny as it was when I used my conditioner on her. But do 2 year olds really need super shiny hair anyway?


*Please note I was given a free bottle of Johnson’s No More Tangles Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangling spray for review. I did not receive any money for my review. Opinions expressed are my own and not swayed in any way. To see a more detailed review, including an illustration of Hannah with conditioner in her eye, click here.